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CITY CRAFT-EVENT: GAMIFICATION FOR URBAN PLANNING Vrijdag 21 nov 2014 From 13:30 – 18:00 pm Location: bkkc, Spoorlaan 21 i-k, Tilburg Sign in: Free entrance Rezone invites you to this City Craft event at which we will play games that address the topic of urban planning. There will be discussions and the sharing ...

Bicycle project during TFBoulevard

  Rezone has placed a family of bicyles in the city for common use! Follow Chris, Bep, Easyrider and Popal on the website. This is an act to draw attention to the Playful Interventions project that will start on the 13th of September.

Guerrilla act

Rezone has placed an intervention in the city. On a beautiful and quiet location a couch of protective-tubes has been woven through a fence. Enjoy the park from this unexpected corner.

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Published on Aug 03, 2013
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Trailer Monobanda x DUS

View Trailer Monobanda x DUS

Published on Aug 03, 2013
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The process of the architects x game-designers will be registered on a blog:   Read more  

Flyer Rezone P.I. is finished!


13th to 29th (inclusive) September 2013 Open from 13:00h to 18:00h Vernissage 13th of September 16:16h BAI Lecture: 16th of September, 20:00h Music night Skate hall: 20th of September, 20:00h Kunstnacht: 28th of September, 20:00h to 0:00h

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Published on Jul 25, 2013
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